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If you haven’t read the first two volumes of «Eternals» comic book series, you should. The first volume, «Way of the Eternals,» introduced Kingo Sunen as an Eternal and made him an instant fan favorite. But despite his fame, Sunen’s appearance in the series didn’t stop there. He also appeared in the series’ first miniseries, «The Eternals» in 1985.

In the first Eternals comic book, Kingo Sunen is a superhuman with an amazing ability to project cosmic energy from his hands. In the live-action version, Kumail Nanjiani plays Kingo, a vain martial artist who agrees to stop Celestials in order to make a documentary. But when the Celestials come for him, Kingo has to defend his humanity and sacrifice himself to save the world from a new threat.

Later, Kingo aided the Eternals in their fight against the Deviants. He was present during the Fall of Tenochtitlan, and helped kill some Deviants. Thena and Gilgamesh approached him to recruit members of the Eternals. Kingo was eager to help, and he joined the Eternals’ recruiting mission. However, Kingo grew increasingly doubtful of the team’s plan to stop the Deviants, and he left the group when Ikaris betrayed him. Gilgamesh and Kingo returned to the pyramid after Kingo left.

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While Kingo may be an Eternal, he is human, unlike many others in the race. He believes in the dignity of the human race, and he tries to lead it toward fulfilling its full potential. This belief stems from the ancient way of life, which is being forgotten more as time goes by. Kingo Sunen’s innate sensitivity and empathy towards his human counterparts make him a popular hero in the world.

Like the other Eternals, Kingo is stronger than humans, but he does not have the same cosmic abilities as humans. As a result, he does not use cosmic power, preferring to fight like a normal human instead. However, Kingo Sunen still has many traits that distinguish him from other Eternals. The following are some of his most distinguishing characteristics. So, if you’re looking for a Japanese Eternal, you’ve come to the right place!

One of Kingo’s best qualities is his enthusiasm. He possesses the capacity to become enamored with the idea of fame. In the process, Kingo began to appreciate the adoration of humans and turned into a performer using the stories of Eternals to become an entertainer. Unlike many other Eternals, Kingo demonstrates a remarkable amount of self-awareness. So much so, in fact, that he has been compared to the legendary Ikaris in the first series of «Avatar».

Kingo was created by Celestials a million years ago through genetic experiments in Earth-616. Although he possesses all the typical powers of an Eternal, he prefers to fight like a traditional samurai, using a sword forged by an Eternal Phastos. This sword can cut through almost any material. As a result, he is a highly effective Eternal.

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Kingo Sunen
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