The Most Powerful Transformers

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There are some characters in the Transformers universe that can easily be considered the most powerful. Thunderwing, Optimus, Megatron, and Galvatron are all examples of overpowered characters. Optimus, however, is far from the strongest Transformer. Thunderwing can eat Ultra Magnus in seconds, and his six alternate forms are incredibly powerful. However, this does not mean that they are unbeatable. The most powerful Transformers in the world are the following.

Defensor: The Defensor has a force field that requires massive energy to maintain. This allows it to bypass this weakness on the battlefield. Bruticus: Bruticus is composed of five combaticons, which transform into military vehicles. The team of five combaticons then combine to form a single powerful enemy. While it takes a lot of energy to create a single Bruticus, these are still some of the most powerful Transformers.

Megatron: Known as the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron is one of the more powerful «regular» Transformers. His strategic mind and sheer force of will help him fight countless enemies, but his selfishness prevents him from seeing the bigger picture. If only Megatron would have recognized the threat of his companions, he would have been able to achieve his goals of world dominion long ago.

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Magnus: Another mighty Autobot, Fortress Maximus is one of the most powerful Transformers in the series. He was originally an architect on Cybertron, but was modified for warfare and slaughtered the Decepticons in many campaigns. Despite his overwhelming strength, Fortress Maximus’s nature is to remain a pacifist. The other characters, meanwhile, are more aggressive. There are also a few other Transformers that have surpassed the Autobots in their overall strength.

The Autobots’ Metroplex is another highly powerful transformer. It can separate into three autonomous ‘bots (the weapon-based Six-Gun, the car-based Scamper, and the skyscraper Slammer). In its city-based form, it can turn into an 800-meter-tall armored robot. Its MASER cannon — which stands for Microwave Amplification through Simulated Emission of Radiation — is capable of destroying entire cities. As far as villains go, Unicron is the most dangerous, with his infinite firepower and size, he is far more powerful than the other Transformers combined.

Primus: The brother of Unicron, Primus stands as the most powerful Transformer. Primus is considered a God in the Transformers universe, and he created the 13 original primes, led by Prima. In the upcoming movie, the world will be in the hands of the Decepticons, who have a much more powerful arsenal than the Autobots. However, the most powerful Transformer is Unicron, who is the ultimate villain in the series.

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The Most Powerful Transformers
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