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Historical TV shows have become more popular than ever, and PBS has been a key player in this growing trend. Shows like Mr. Selfridge and Downton Abbey, both of which are biographical, have captured millions of viewers. Downton Abbey has also become a huge hit, offering a glamorous soap opera and an enlightening look at the British aristocracy during World War I.

Another historical television series is «Ghostbusters,» which recreates a Japanese internment camp. This episode is highly accurate, featuring a supernatural entity and the brutal treatment of the Japanese-American population. The episode even features a Japanese-American internment camp. The cast is well-dressed for the part, and a little historical knowledge can’t hurt. In addition, «American Horror Story» is a good choice for anyone interested in the history of horror movies.

In recent years, there have been a number of new period-based shows released on streaming services. Some of these are more evocative than others, while others are more realistic. The Spanish Princess, which explores the early days of King Henry VIII, looks at life for young Black women in Regency-era England. Another series, The Great, examines the reign of Empress Catherine the Great. ET’s list of the best historical television shows is an excellent start for anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of the past and embracing the cultural traditions that define it.

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Another popular historical TV show is Marco Polo. The storyline and themes of this historical series are fascinating. Set during the 14th century, Marco Polo’s accounts of various Asian countries are based on real events. His time in the Chinese court will reveal the influence of Chinese culture on European society. It will give viewers an inside look at what it was like to live during this period. It also includes a discussion of the era’s politics were like.

In addition to historical dramas, there are many interesting historical television shows. The Spartans, which followed the exploits of two real-life gladiators, is another historical drama. The series lasted three seasons and spawned a prequel series. Another historical drama series, Vikings, is inspired by the Norse people of early medieval Scandinavia. The series follows the exploits of legendary chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok. While the show tries to stay as true to the facts as possible, it deviates from it as the plot develops.

Reign, on the other hand, tells the story of Mary Stuart, Queen of the Scotts. This period drama aired on BBC from 2013 to 2017, and starred Adelaide Kane as the title character. The series had a stellar cast, including Toby Regbo, Megan Follows, and Torrance Coombs. Reign is an entertaining period drama, and it’s a must-watch for historical buffs.

The Borgias is another excellent historical drama, telling the story of the rich Borgia family of 15th-century Italy. The Borgias family struggled to secure political power, and they eventually succeeded. It’s an interesting story that’s sure to captivate viewers and keep them watching. cunoaște More About Historical TV Shows

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