Top 9 Beings Who Got Hit By Darkseid’s Omega Beams And Managed To Survive

Top 9 Beings Who Got Hit By Darkseid’s Omega Beams And Managed To Survive photo 0

Darkseid is among the most effective beings in the DC World as well as he is from the race called the New Gods. His main superpower is Omega Beams, a form of energy that he terminates from his eyes or his hands, which can removing living items and microorganisms from existence. Primarily it’s a hugely effective light beam he can discharge at individuals as well as there are really couple of beings in the universe who can surviving it.

Today we are going to develop a list of Leading 9 Beings who have been hit with the Omega Beams as well as handled to make it through.

Number 9— End ofthe world

End ofthe world is an impressive villain who is never-ceasing or at the very least he doesn’t remain dead when he dies but rather just returns to life also stronger than previously. Even if Darkseid’s light beams had the ability to kill him he ‘d likely just return as well as be immune to them, however end ofthe world has managed to make it through the Omega blasts on several events.

Number 8— Green Light

In Justice Organization War, Green Lantern used his ring to redirect the Omega Beams and also was able to endure a blast by dodging the beams; he really did not really take the blast full on. Then utilized his powers to quit it from eliminating him and also disperse it back at Darkseid. So anyone with a power ring and enough determination could possibly endure in a mega blast.

Number 7— Vandal Savage

In the television show Youthful Justice, Darkseid hits Savage with his Omega Beams and technically talking it does eliminate him yet because Vandor Savage is never-ceasing as well as can heal from any injury he just recuperates as well as returns up. Usually these Omega Beams blast an individual with Omega power as well as practically degenerate them instantly but these ones in the episode simply pierce Vandal Savage like a set of arrows going straight via his body which he is quite immune to.

Number 6— Superman

Superman has actually battled Darkseid on lots of occasions; actually he has actually probably fought Darkseid more than any type of other DC Hero. As such he has been struck by the Omega Beams on numerous events yet on each event he has endured the blasts. Now normally he just walks off the blast having, like being typed the face truly tough although on a few occasions they have actually been rather ravaging to him.

Number 5— Trigon

In the movie JL Dark Apocalypse Battle, Trigon has Superman as well as battles Darkseid one on one as well as his warm vision is in fact much more powerful than Darkseid Omega Beams. Even without having Superman Trigon is still more than a match for Darkseid, indicating Trigon is still able to endure an Omega Blast also when he’s in his demon form as well as not having someone.

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Number 4— Darkseid

In the movie Superman Batman Armageddon, Darkseid is tossed into the course of his own Omega Beams by Supergirl and naturally he endures the blast though he is fairly hurt by it. Furthermore in the program Superman the computer animated collection Darkseid attempts to utilize his Omega Beams yet Superman covers his eyes so the blast strikes Darkseid directly in the face which actually harms him yet it doesn’t actually eliminate him. In fact in the comics Last Dilemma The Flash actually handled to lead several of Darkseid’s Omega energy directly back to him ultimately killing him off.

Number 3— The Anti-Monitor

Considering that he is a galaxy destroying incredibly being it comes as no surprise that the anti-monitor has actually been able to survive a blast from Dark Seid Omega Beams and also during the Darkseid War he not only made it through several blasts but he also took care of to eliminate Darkseid which is a pretty excellent accomplishment even for someone that can ruin a Galaxy.

Number 2— Batman

Batman has not only managed to evade Omega Beams in the past however he has actually likewise taken care of to endure being hit by them though to be fair this is because they were never indicated to kill him. Everyone thought the batman was dead after Darkseid struck him with his Omega Beams yet as these light beams can additionally be used to transfer people to various other places not simply eliminate them. And also this is what he carried out in Batman’s instance sending him back in time and just deceiving everybody into thinking that he’s dead. With that being claimed though batman has additionally taken care of to endure being struck by an Omega Light beam as he makes use of a Disorder Fragment (lightning rod) to attract and also take in the Omega power hence saving, himself from being eliminated by it.

Number 1— Galactus

In an unusual crossover event in between the DC and Wonder Cosmos, Galactus tries to eat Darkseid’s world Armageddon compeling Darkseid to attack Galactus with his Omega Beams and they not do anything to the planet eater. Thinking about the power level of Galactus it isn’t too unexpected that he had the ability to hold up against an Omega blast but it is a little bit strange that he takes no damages at all.

In the exact same comic Darkseid blasts the Silver Web surfer and although he had the ability to survive the Beams, it takes a lot of life out of the Silver Internet user as well as immobilizes him for a few minutes. Enough time for Darkseid to complete him off, which he might have done. Yet Silver Web surfer as well as Galactus decides to leave the earth as they did’nt find any life energy for Galactus to feed upon.

Which of these is your preferred and also are there any kind of other times that somebody has made it through Darkseid Omega Beams that you assume we missed, do not hesitate to allow us recognize in the comments.

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Top 9 Beings Who Got Hit By Darkseid’s Omega Beams And Managed To Survive
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