Decepticon Definition – What is a Decepticon?

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What is a Decepticon? This word is used to describe a faction of sentient robots in the Transformers media franchise. Typically, they are focused on conquering Cybertron and defeating the Autobots. They also have the ability to transform into high-tech vehicles, which can range from sports cars to luxury cars. Often, they beat up people in the process. However, their true motivation is more mysterious.

Megatron, who was a Decepticon until he joined the Unicron, gained a taste of godhood when he was reunited with his old friend. However, he did not have the interest in building up an army that spanned the galaxy, and he readily sacrificed his Decepticons in battle. This led to Megatron’s renaming himself Galvatron. This eventually led to him being controlled by Unicron.

The Decepticons have subgroups known as Predacons and Constructicons. They also have Mini-Cons and Omnicons. In the 2007 movie, Prime Directive, Optimus reveals that they were named Decepticons because of their betrayal of the Primes. But this isn’t the only way they were renamed. In the original Transformers series, they were called Predacons because they were so similar to Decepticons. But there are also some important differences between Predacons and Decepticons.

The Decepticons are interstellar predators and energy scavengers. They are generally shown as malevolent entities. Their logo is a stylized version of Soundwave’s head. They always fire purple/magenta laser beams. The leaders of the Decepticons are Megatron, Galvatron, Ratbat, and Starscream. Other members include Ratbat and Scorponok.

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While the Decepticons have their own founding leader, they are primarily led by Megatron, who was a mining robot. They are not necessarily the most compassionate creatures, but many of them believe in aggressive expansion and want to protect their homeworld. Other Decepticon leaders include Galvatron, Soundwave, Scorponok, and Devil Z. They are not always evil, and a Decepticon’s actions will ultimately be determined by their motivation.

The main Decepticons were created by the Quintessons, who used them as slaves and sources of entertainment. When the Autobots came into existence, they chased the Quintessons out of Cybertron. The new ruling council was meant to create a more just society, but this was not the case. The new society was unequal, and many of the Transformers were forced into slavery. As a result, the Decepticons fought back, and ultimately won.

Initially, the Decepticons were based on the planet Cybertron, but as the series progressed, the Decepticons spread throughout the galaxy, becoming localized and disguised as vehicles and equipment. These Decepticons then use their modes to create conflict and harvest raw resources. The Decepticons were a reactionary group to Functionism. But their name evolved from this rallying cry. The name Decepticon became a common scare tactic for the high society of Cybertron.

The first movie in the series was released in 1984. It introduced the Decepticons and the Autobots to the world. The story of the series followed the arrival of the Autobots and the Decepticons on Earth. The Decepticons’ rallying cry has been «Decepticons attack!» ever since the first cartoon, and is also the phrase used for the ending of the second movie, Transformers Animated.

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Decepticon Definition – What is a Decepticon?
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