Strongest Decepticons Ever Created

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The Shockwave Decepticon is one of the strongest Decepticons ever created. Its left arm is attached to a cannon. It is a scientist who sees Decepticons as a means to an end — the betterment of Cybertronian-kind. It is a creature of logic who accepts Megatron’s command without reservation. It also possesses a powerful skill called telepathy.

The Fallen were the first Decepticons. It was they who shaped the world we live in today. Their power and evil was the basis of the Decepticon Empire. Today, the Autobots are lead by Optimus Prime, who has defeated Megatron and the Sentinel many times. Thunderwing and Megatron are among the strongest Decepticons. However, these two characters have very different roles in the Autobot universe.

Megatron had been a miner before becoming leader of the Decepticons. He was once a gladiator, and his experience with Megatron gave him the inspiration to build the Decepticons. He has also defeated most of his opponents. His weakness was his inability to turn into a city. Therefore, he lacks the ability to turn himself into a city. While Megatron and Optimus Prime are very different, he commands the respect of all the other ‘Cons.

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Cyclonus is the third-strongest Decepticon. Similar to Astrotrain, it is often used in its alt mode, a huge spaceship. However, Cyclonus is still a threat outside of his spaceship. In the first movie, he was the strongest of the Decepticons. This Decepticon had a gun on his body, and a robotic alt-form. It can also fly, and this makes it a very dangerous Decepticon.

Megatron was furious when Sam tried to escape, and he chased after him. He destroyed everything in his path, including the helicopter that had come to pick up AllSpark. He asked Sam if he was brave and if he was afraid. He asked him to be brave, and he then offered to keep him as a pet. However, Megatron was able to destroy the ledge Sam was standing on.

The third-strongest Decepticon was Ratbat. He led the Decepticons for a time in the comics, and was a bureaucrat at heart. He tried to restrict the Decepticons’ energy use, but his weakness led him to be killed by Scorponok. A short period later, Onslaught was elected leader of the Decepticons. The Decepticon leader was also the leader of the Combaticons, and had a great track record.

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Strongest Decepticons Ever Created
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