The Meaning of Jamie – What Does This Mean?

A male given name, Jamie is also known as James. It is the eleventh installment in the series “Gender Symbols.” This is a brief description of the meaning of the name. The meaning of Jamie varies according to culture. This name is a variant of James, a more formal name for a male. It is a common choice among middle-aged men, and is used as a short form of the male given name James.

You can also find synonyms and alternative words for jamie in an online lexical resource. The definitions are listed alphabetically and in other languages, if available. The search box will accept your typing in the word, copy and paste, or drag & drop. If you’re having trouble locating the word, try using a dictionary with a more comprehensive coverage of synonyms and alternate meanings. You’ll be surprised by the wealth of information available.

People born with the name Jamie are generally ambitious and energetic. While this characteristic may be attractive in the short term, it can lead to domestic and financial problems. A Jamie with E in their name is also prone to shyness, which can make it hard to make friends. However, these characteristics can be beneficial if they are well-balanced and don’t allow the “I’m not good enough” syndrome to take hold. The meaning of Jamie is not fixed in one way, but it is likely to evolve into a more positive personality as they mature and learn from their experiences.

A first name, Jamie, originally appeared in 1884 and was given to five newborn babies. The name became more popular in the year 1971, when it was ranked at #96 nationally. During the same year, Jamie became the top girl’s name in Wyoming, with 62 babies. The name remained the top girls’ name in Montana for 40 years. This popularity of Jamie is largely due to its meaning as an uncommon first name.

In addition to the meaning of Jamie, it is also an unusual last name. Approximately one out of every 526k people bear the name Jamie. In addition to being an uncommon first name, Jamie is an uncommon choice among babies. It is a first name, however. In the SSA database, the name Jamie is recorded 3,482k times. It is also the most common male last name. The meaning of Jamie is based on the earliest occurrence of the name.

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The Meaning of Jamie – What Does This Mean?
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